I don’t remember who she is anymore; it’s been so long.

I see blonde hair, and not much else.

Does she have blonde hair? I can always

change it, but it’d be nice to know where

my mind had gone back then.

How good is she in social situations?

Who does she trust — what’s

her best friend’s name?

Does she have a best friend or did she forget him?

Did she leave him behind and unsure number of years ago

so that little remains of his life in her mind —

a brief memory of sitting cross-

legged on a small basketball court with ten hoops,

her reading, he and two more beside, forming a small square.

His face is vague, brown eyes and short brown hair.

Very Miami. Or very almost everywhere.

She doesn’t remember his voice.

Maybe he had a funny laugh?

Did he try to ask her out once,

or was that someone else, years later?

Does she wish she remembered his name?


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